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Sample Walt Whitman Real Estate Marketing Prose

1 Jul


I sing a song of exposed fir timbers, taut and high, bathed in the amber glow of dawn, embraced, as if by the strong-gentle arms of a lover, soaring 14′ unfinished.. and stained with clear polyurethane to enhance the grain, empowered-Enlightened by the Sun.

Featuring a large pantry with space and outlets suitable for a second fridge..sheltering and preserving; can we ever be certain?

Waking with the sun we face the day undaunted, with dual shower heads and a dramatic glass wall, washing us, as a waterfall of grace. Abundant.

We yield to the Unverse: Mother Earth we worship you with ample windows facing North and South, with the long axis bearing
West….as your Majestic Firmament seduces me to embrace the rhythm of your rising and falling Sunlight.

I cry to the Market, powerful and provocative to Fate, demanding that I be empowered with tectonic strength and lichen-patience….water-force, wind, and Love.
Make My Deals Profound.
Make My Clients Holy-Faithful.
Make My Bank Account Resilient and Bottomless.
Make My Leases Rapidly Executed.
My Closings Smooth,
And My Pipeline Robust.


So I used to write a blog: Reprised II

13 Apr

Back in the day I blogged all the time: Wrote about life and running and real estate in Austin, TX.  Cathartic and expressive my blog was well-read and was good for me…it chronicled and soothed as a thought-vent for me.  I was named one of Relocation.com’s Top Three Blogs in the USA and also recognized by the Texas Real Estate Center as a Top Five Blog.  People read my blog, seemed to enjoy it, and it was good for my head…so it’s only natural that I stopped writing for an extended period, right?  Strange but true.

So let’s try this again.

I’m Scott Nicholson.  Stay tuned and I’ll write some stuff on this blog that might accidentally be cool to read, or at least I’ll give it a try.  I’ll write about my life and things I notice..and I’ll try and learn from those things.  There’ll be a bunch of stuff about running because I like to run..and I try and learn from that too.  I’ll also try and write a bit about real estate and business…while I try and learn from (and about) these too.

Hang on, there’s more to come!  In the meantime here’s downtown ATX as seen from the Congress Avenue Bridge, looking North, on the Saturday of #SXSW2013.