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Sample Walt Whitman Real Estate Marketing Prose

1 Jul


I sing a song of exposed fir timbers, taut and high, bathed in the amber glow of dawn, embraced, as if by the strong-gentle arms of a lover, soaring 14′ unfinished.. and stained with clear polyurethane to enhance the grain, empowered-Enlightened by the Sun.

Featuring a large pantry with space and outlets suitable for a second fridge..sheltering and preserving; can we ever be certain?

Waking with the sun we face the day undaunted, with dual shower heads and a dramatic glass wall, washing us, as a waterfall of grace. Abundant.

We yield to the Unverse: Mother Earth we worship you with ample windows facing North and South, with the long axis bearing
West….as your Majestic Firmament seduces me to embrace the rhythm of your rising and falling Sunlight.

I cry to the Market, powerful and provocative to Fate, demanding that I be empowered with tectonic strength and lichen-patience….water-force, wind, and Love.
Make My Deals Profound.
Make My Clients Holy-Faithful.
Make My Bank Account Resilient and Bottomless.
Make My Leases Rapidly Executed.
My Closings Smooth,
And My Pipeline Robust.


What Scott Does

13 Jun

Kandinsky. “Inner Simmering”

Hello out there friends & associates,

 By now most of you know I’m a Real Estate Broker. If you didn’t already, well you know it now.  It came up recently that someone I’ve known a long time wasn’t clear on exactly I “Do”. So I thought it might be prudent to briefly describe the scope of my real estate experience by sharing a recent resume of transactions wherein I’ve represented Sellers, Buyers, Investors, and Commercial Tenants. 

  • +-2,500sqft Class A Office Lease. Loop 360 Corridor

  • +/-8,500sqft Retail Showroom/Warehouse. Walnut Creek

  • +/-4,100sqft Retail. Bee Caves

  • Texas A&M Student Housing Investments (13 Transactions)

  • +/-2,400sqft Class C Office Sale (Represented Seller). Leander

  • +/-1,700sqft Super Target-Anchored Retail. Lakeline Area

  • +/-6.25 acre I-35 Frontage Land (Represented Seller). Round Rock

  • +/-3.000sqft Cul-de-Sac 5/4 home. Circle C

  • +/-75 acre Ranch land. Hays County

  • +/-5 acre Retail Commercial Lot. Near Formula One (COTA)

  • 50 Unit Multi-Family Development (I am the Developer). Gonzales, TX 

So, you can see that I have experience and expertise across a broad spectrum of real estate brokerage. 

I’d love to have ALL your real estate business…Call Me: 

  • If your business needs to find commercial industrial/office/retail lease space

  • If your business needs to expand your current industrial/office/retail lease space

  • If you want to buy commercial, investment, or ranch property

  • If you want to sell any type of commercial, investment, or ranch property

  • If you want to buy or sell your current home anywhere in ATX

  • If you know ANYONE who needs Real Estate Representation of any type 

**Agents: I Pay Referral Fees for your Commercial Referrals!! 


Scott Nicholson 512-947-2688




Your hips are weak…Weak.

27 May

Chances are about 98% that, if you’re reading this, you have weak hips and weak hip stabilzer muscles. I don’t care if you lift weights or run, we all sit too damn much!~! And that makes our hips weak…and that’s b.a.d. for us.

Here’s why. We’re just basically a torso (our core) atop our pelvic girdle (our hips) with extremities hooked on (our arms and legs). Since we move around upright and bipedal our legs are much stronger than our arms….Duh. So our hips connect our torso to our legs and provide a base for the top half of our body as our legs carry us around. Our hip stabilizer muscles serve to, well, pretty much support our legs down to our feet, as we move around. Pretty important stuff.

Check out this video for some hip strengthening exercises called “Jane Fondas”. Work them into your daily routine (do 3 sets each side while you watch TV) or into your gym routine.

You’ll thank me.

Thank you Rob Shaul and Mountain Athlete.


Running: I’m getting older but I’m not old yet

29 Apr


Scooby (the wonderdog) and I are about the same age for now. I say “for now” because of the anecdotal 7:1 ratio of aging between dogs and humans….you’ve heard the old adage “1 year to a human is 7 dog years” right? Well, Scoobs is +/-7 years old and I’m 51. Close enough for the sake of this pondering….and we share some of the same advangages and limitations of having been runners most of our lives. Mostly good stuff…

This morning Scooby was a little slow to get up and do his daily chore of jumping onto Austin’s bed for a “wake up” call. When he finally did get up he yelped in pain as he jumped up onto Austin’s bed…Oh No…what’s wrong with Scooby?? I checked his legs, hips, and paws, which he permitted without any objections, and found nothing unusual. Maybe he’s just getting older.

BOOM…..then I suddenly remembered a recent morning where I arose from slumber, after having run 7km the day before, and grimace-limped down our stairs…audibly moaning. The same as Scooby had done this morning! Hmmm….I’m just getting older too.

I love to run. I love to run even though it hurts sometimes…sometimes during and sometimes after. As I get older it seems to hurt a bit more during AND after..but I still love to run. I love what it does For me and To me. Running helps keep me cardio-fit and it helps keep my legs strong and it helps maintain my overall fitness: There’s great utility in the act of moving oneself around vigorously. Running, equally importantly, helps keep my brain clear and my psyche bright…it’s cathartic and rewarding for my having spent the effort. Running has been a part of my life, on and off, for many many years and in my most recent running boom I have perhaps learned the largest lessons. Or maybe it’s because I’m getting older.

See, Scooby and I need the same things, as runners, at this phase of our lives: A good diet, lotsa stretching, a temperate pace, the willingness to keep moving forward even when it hurts, and to be surrounded by people who love us.

Check back here as I chronicle my Quest to Run.