Adventure, Literature, and Horology

24 Jan

Adventure: In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl drifted across The Pacific Ocean on a reed raft he called Kon Tiki from Peru to the Polynesian Island Chain (East-to-West) over 101 days at sea! Although current theory  is that migration/colonization also happened West-to-East, his voyage was profoundly courageous and a fantastic example of the spirit of Mankind’s exploration. We had the Kon Tiki book in my family library when I was a kid and I read it many dozens of times….it was fascinating to me back then.

Literature: Recently I found and purchased on Amazon a copy of “Kon Tiki: Six men cross the Pacific on a raft”. Rand McNally and Company CH.NY. SF, Publisher. 1950, Fifth printing. It should arrive later this week….by Thursday. I can’t wait!kon-tiki-book-cover_1950

Horology: On his trans-Pacific raft trip on KonTiki, Thor Heyerdahl wore an Eterna  Chronometer watch (in the Baume et Mercier Chronometer lineage) which he used for navigation; a critical tool. I wear an updated version of that watch (mine is a Baume et Mercier Capeland S Chronometer) which incorporates  a modern (in 1969 the Automatic Chronograph mechanical watch was invented) Automatic Chronograph ETA 7751 Swiss Movement and 200m water resistance.

Go check out interesting things!!

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So I took a NOLS Wilderness First Responder Course…..

20 Jan

nols-wfr-stickerThe Earth got a little bit safer this past Sunday, January 15 2017. That’s when I graduated from the NOLS 10-Day Wilderness First Responder Course along with 28 amazing classmates with a WIDE diversity of backcountry experience and expertise. It’s an extremely hands-on experience chock full of practical backcountry emergency management protocol expertise.

More detail later..bits & pieces at a time. The Patient Assessment System (the backbone of patient care in the backcoutry) alone is worthy of several posts. Plus we did cool mock rescues and many many hands-on assessments/treatments/care on each other, including a night-time multi-hour scenario on the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

Besides the knowledge/experience, I got a cool sticker.

Scott Nicholson, Broker


I represent Tenants in Commercial Leases of Office, Industrial/Warehouse, and Retail Space in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston.

2017 is “officially” underway!

20 Jan

first-meeting-of-2017Making BIG plans to continue and expand the Growth we started (and executed!) in 2016 for Discovery Realty Group.

I represent Tenants in Commercial Leases of Office, Industrial/Warehouse, and Retail Space in Austin, DFW, and Houston.

Scott Nicholson, Broker



5 Nov

Once upon a time in Real de Catorce (#realde14) looking uphill.

2016 is “officially” underway!

15 Jan


Making plans for more expansion in 2016!  

I represent Tenants in Commercial Leases of Office, Industrial/Warehouse, and Retail Space in Austin, DFW, and Houston!

Sample Walt Whitman Real Estate Marketing Prose

1 Jul


I sing a song of exposed fir timbers, taut and high, bathed in the amber glow of dawn, embraced, as if by the strong-gentle arms of a lover, soaring 14′ unfinished.. and stained with clear polyurethane to enhance the grain, empowered-Enlightened by the Sun.

Featuring a large pantry with space and outlets suitable for a second fridge..sheltering and preserving; can we ever be certain?

Waking with the sun we face the day undaunted, with dual shower heads and a dramatic glass wall, washing us, as a waterfall of grace. Abundant.

We yield to the Unverse: Mother Earth we worship you with ample windows facing North and South, with the long axis bearing
West….as your Majestic Firmament seduces me to embrace the rhythm of your rising and falling Sunlight.

I cry to the Market, powerful and provocative to Fate, demanding that I be empowered with tectonic strength and lichen-patience….water-force, wind, and Love.
Make My Deals Profound.
Make My Clients Holy-Faithful.
Make My Bank Account Resilient and Bottomless.
Make My Leases Rapidly Executed.
My Closings Smooth,
And My Pipeline Robust.

ATX Rocks!!!

19 Jan


So so lucky to live in one of the coolest cities on the planet Earth: Austin, TX!!

This photo was taken from the new boardwalk that runs along the Townlake Trail alongside Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin.