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Buddhist prayer flags post_2

10 May


Buddhist prayer flags. The colors are significant: Blue is sky, White is wind, Red is fire, Green is water, and Yellow is Earth.

As the wind and the sun and the rain weather these flags the tiny fragments blow away, carrying prayers out into the Multiverse. It’s beautiful and significant. The last prayer flags I had in our yard did an excellent job of sending our prayers out to the Multiverse until the squirrels took them down, and used them to make their nests.

Circle of Life. Fully cool with me!

Let’s see how long before the squirrels repurpose these.

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Buddhist prayer flags

30 Dec

I’m not a religious person anymore but I try to be a spiritual person, and in that capacity bought some Buddhist prayer flags to hang in my backyard in the middle of 2014. The symbology appeals to me and I love the concept that as the wind blows tiny fragments of the flags away your prayers and dreams are carried with them.

The flags are colored blue for space, white for the wind, red for fire, green for the water, and yellow for the Earth.

I hung them between some trees in my backyard and had great pleasure and contentment watching them as the wind slowly frayed the edges and spread my dreams with the wind.

Then the squirrels in my yard tore them down and ate them so it was fun while it lasted.

Actually I hope they used them as bedding in their nests…. Love spread through creation.

Please have a safe and Happy New Year’s celebration with your friends and family: Spread Love through Creation.

Scott Nicholson



Water Ponderings in ATX

21 May
Sculptured Falls on Barton Creek circa 1988

Sculptured Falls on Barton Creek circa 1988


Growing up in Austin, Texas I had easy access to many beautifully amazing Central Texas swimming holes, creeks, springs, and lakes.  My family spent many hours swimming and splashing in and around Lake Travis, Barton Creek, Hamilton’s Pool, and many other cool, refreshing jewels….welcome respites from the blazing Texas Summers.  During that time, in retrospect very lucky, the creeks & lakes were full and the springs flowed bountifully.  During my early adulthood I can proudly claim that I swam in either Barton Springs or Barton Creek almost every single day for about seven years…Good Times!  The photo above shows Sculptured Falls on Barton Creek in 1988….the creek was flowing clear and strong and the area upstream was largely undeveloped.  It was Nirvana-esque.


Fast forward to 2014 and a whole lot has changed in Central Texas. Explosive growth has brought our Austin MSA population to the 2M mark and all those people bring an increased demand for water with them.  At the same time our region has entered a very severe drought cycle that has impacted our water supply in a major way.  The combination of greatly increased population (and demand for water) and diminished surface-water and groundwater resources represents a MAJOR factor in the direction of both development and conservation in Central Texas.  Rainfall totals are near record lows as are area lake levels. Creeks are dry and spring flow has diminished to almost-nothing while the aquifer levels under our region are approaching record lows as well.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an emerging problem that will take ALL our concerted efforts to address:  A Looming Water Crisis in Central Texas.


Here are Scott’s 2-Minute tips on how you can be thrifty with water:

  • Check for leaks in your house
  • Install low-flow shower heads
  • Take shorter showers and turn off the faucet while brushing teeth
  • Replace old toilets with water-efficient toilets
  • Don’t water yard in the heat of the day
  • Use low-angle sprinklers
  • Replace St. Augustine grass with drought-tolerant grasses
  • Use drip irrigation if possible

Here’s a BIG LIST of Water Conservation Tips


Hey, we’re all in this together.  All of us share the need for water to survive and all of us share the responsibility of conserving our most precious resource!!


Ciao, Scott Nicholson


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