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Wilson Custom Baseball Glove

3 Jul

You see, baseball-FB page smartass guy, baseball is a metaphor for Life, and the tools of the game, mostly disposable (baseballs, bats, uniforms, caps, spikes/cleats, etc, etc..) become primary elements of the metaphor. Mostly short-term elements; in the moment, or season to season. Pretty much like Life: Intrinsic vs extrinsic..

Except for your glove. Gloves are long-term. Gloves take a long time to *break in* and last for many seasons and are intimate and personal; They *fit* to your specific hand shape/strength and most players are very protective of their gloves. A baseball glove is a long-term relationship..extrinsic meets intrinsic.

Baseball gloves share a unique utility-longevity lifespan with things like a seasoned bow, or a well-worn pair of heavy mountaineering boots, or maybe what else?

There aren’t many sports tools like baseball gloves.

SOoo, baseball-FB page smartass guy: I shared the glove pics because they represent a metaphor for a larger story that you don’t know shit’s not the leather, it’s not the glove, it’s the Movement Forward and the Journey. It’s about the merging of extrinsic and intrinsic nature of the Journey of Life.

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