La Finca Supermercado, Austin TX

3 May


One reason I love living in Austin TX is the wide range of foods available to us; food from all over the World can be found here! Ethnic grocery stores are one of our city’s hidden gems, in my humble opinion…Mexican, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Halal, Mediterranean, Thai, Central American, etc. A stroll through the aisles of any one of the many ethnic grocery stores is almost literally a trip to a foreign culture: New and interesting vegetables, exotic meats, fish, and spices, candies from many countries, soft drinks and juices you’ve never seen before, etc,  etc. I HIGHLY recommend everyone take the opportunity to visit as many of these cool stores as you can!

One very clear feature is the local/regional food that is usually available in small restaurants inside these stores! In La Finca Supermercado (9616 North Lamar) there is a classic taqueria (serving some of the most authentic and delicious tacos in Austin!) and a classic Mexican panaderia or bakery. If I’m in the area around lunchtime I always stop for tacos or quesadillas and a pan dulce washed down by a Topo Chico or Jarritos soda!!

I’ve represented the owner of this grocery store (and 5 others under the La Mexicana Supermercado and La Casa Supermercado brands) for over 15 years and I found this space for them and negotiated their 15 year lease in this space. In it’s prior life this space was a YMCA with multiple basketball courts and an indoor swimming pool!

I represent Tenants in Commercial Leases of Office, Retail, and Industrial Space in Austin, DFW, and Houston Texas.

Scott Nicholson, Broker



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