Post Run Food Magic Today

22 Apr


Hello out there!

If you’re in Austin lately you know how lucky you are; the weather the past few weeks has been off the charts beautiful.  A cool sunny respite from the blazing heat that will soon descend upon us as another summer rolls around.  Today highs are in the 70s… But within 60 days it will be 30 to 35° hotter than that in Central Texas!

Taking advantage of this beautiful weather, my wife and I went downtown Austin this morning and I ran and walked 4 miles along the Lady Bird Lake Trail,  it was beautiful and there were hundreds of people out enjoying the day.  The trail downtown in Austin is truly one of the great urban amenities in the United States of America…

For some post run food magic we went to Casa de Luz and ate their amazing organic vegan food;  truly one of the most delicious and healthy feeling meals I’ve ever eaten…every time we go there.  It’s amazing and clean and fresh and macrobiotic-balanced local organic and vegan…..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Stay tuned for more frequent blog posts.  I know I’ve said that a bunch of times before but this time maybe it’ll stick 😂😂😇.

Between 2005 and 2007 I wrote what said was one of the top three real estate blogs in Texas based on readership.  Tens of thousands of people visited my blog every time I posted!  The funny thing was, I never wrote about real estate; I wrote about running, backpacking, and life around Austin in general and my families travels.

I’m getting the blog back together again!!

I represent tenants commercial leases of retail, office, and industrial spaces in Austin, DFW, and Houston Texas.

Scott Nicholson, Broker



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