Prospecting opportunities are Everywhere around us!

17 Mar


I drove to The Woodlands and Houston and back today (scouting retail sites for a Super Exciting Badass project…details soon!) and had a very very fun experience driving home.

As I hit 290W off of Toll 99 (Grand Parkway) there was a 2013 BMW M3 Coupe (4.0 liter twin-turbo V8, makes +/-475HP and is a race car you can drive your kids to school in..) in the same group of 15 cars around me. I hate being in traffic so I always “race to space” where I’ll maneuver to get ahead of the cluster. Sometimes that require I exceed the posted speed limit. 😇 The M3 driver apparently had that same driving safety philosophy.

Sooooo, for the next 70 miles the M3 and I zig-zagged through semi-sparse traffic at speeds up to, well, let’s just say kinda high speeds. My car (2014 BMW 335is 3.0 liter N55 in-line 6 sedan with a rare package that includes pimp wheels and a factory engine tweak up to +/-360hp) is factory limited to 147mph (probably 175ish without the computer limiter) and at 120mph a German lady’s voice starts saying “Speed alert…Speed alert” while the M3 is a 200mph car without the factory limiter. In my car 90mph feels like 60mph…for reference sake. The M3 feels like 60mph at 120mph!

I note that the white M3 is wrapped with a juice bar dot com big sticker….hmmmm.

As we cruise into Giddings he pulls into McDonald’s…so I whip a u-turn and follow him into the drive through.
I park and walk over to him as he’s ordering and thank him for the driving fun and ask about his car wrap as I hand him my business card. His wife owns the business and they’re looking to expand into Austin…..BOOM.

Guess who will Represent them in their Commercial Real Estate Lease?


And while he got 20mpg, I got 31mpg…hauling ass.💪🏽⚡️

I represent tenants in commercial leases of retail, office, and industrial spaces in Austin, DFW, and Houston, Texas.  Call me when you’re ready to lease a space or renew your current lease. Tell your friends. Amen. Ciao,

Scott Nicholson, Broker: 512-947-2688:


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