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Peru Trekking 2017 Day 3

29 Aug

We drove out from Cusco to Chinchero (where we saw a groovy alpaca wool textile demonstration) 

and then to Moray, an Incan agriculture site

and then we hiked the Maras Salt Mines 

before ending the day at the Lamay Lodge!


Besides guiding kick ass trips to South America, I mainly represent Tenants in commercial leases of office/retail/industrial Space in Austin, DFW, and Houston Texas.


Peru Trekking 2017 Day 2

24 Aug

Day two was spent in and around Cusco touring archeological sites on the periphery of the city that serves as check points for travelers coming from all corners of the Incan Empire into Cusco, the Capital and “Navel of the World”.

We also toured the large Catholic Churches in the Plaza de Armas that were built atop Incan Temples after the Spanish conquest of Peru in the late 1500’s.

Peru Trekking 2017 Day 1

20 Aug

Our group landed in Cusco, Peru around 9 AM on August 9 where we were greeted at the airport by Guido, our guide and my good friend. We navigated the narrow and hectic streets of Cusco up into the San Blas district into our hotel for the first two nights of our adventure; the Quinua Villa Boutique.

After checking in and unloading our bags into our rooms we walked down hill to the Plaza de Armas for a delicious lunch.

Final packing for Peru 2017!

8 Aug

Finalized stages of packing for my Peru trip that starts tomorrow evening at 7:50 PM CST…I’m 98% packed and ready to jet South!

I’m guiding a 7-day lodge-to-lodge full-concierge deep Incan culture trek with four couples starting in Cusco and then outward through amazing landscapes with 5-Star accommodations and Machu Picchu Twice(!!), a night at Inkaterra, and a Huayna Picchu summit!

Stay tuned here….

Powerful Love Energy and Mojo

7 Aug

My yak bone Buddhist prayer bead necklace that Norte Amerincaico gave me 20+ years ago. I wore it every day for 10 to 15 years, and it’s been with me through almost every important event; I wear it on purpose for special things.-Tuesday I’ll wear it to say goodbye to a cool friend and then I’ll take it to Peru for another adventure guiding group of people through an amazing landscape.
It needs to be re-strung, and one of the 108 beads is broken….a fix will happen when we get back home.

#love #spirit

*watch added for scale*