What Scott Does: Part 1

17 Feb

Hello out there! I hope 2017 is off to a Great Start for everyone. My year is off to a great start with multiple land deals in escrow and a big commercial retail lease in the works and more in the pipeline!

Over the years my business has evolved into Two primary specialties: 1. Commercial Raw Land Brokerage and 2. Tenant Representation in Commercial Leases of Office/Retail/Industrial Space.

In this post, I’ll describe two of my current Commercial Raw Land listings: One in Williamson County and one in Hays County. The vast differences between these two listings demonstrates the breadth/depth of my Raw Land Brokerage experience and reach.

Both segments of my Discovery Realty Group business involve complex transactions…but on very different levels and scale. Commercial leases are generally large $$$ transactions which represent a long-term business relationship between Landlords and Tenants while Commercial Raw Land Sales start with a large $$$ blank slate with many unknowns/risks that have to be discovered and managed.


**My Williamson County listing is 33-55 acres comprising the hard SW corner of SH29 and Ronald Reagan Blvd. This site is in the City of Leander and will be a large commercial office or retail development one day fairly soon. HEB just purchased +/-50 acres immediately east of my listing; comprising the SE corner of this same intersection. I listed and sold the SE hard corner of this intersection back in 2006. Background: My Seller owned all the land along the Southern frontage of SH29 and Ronald Reagan Blvd prior to the construction of Ronald Reagan Blvd and I’ve been his Broker since then.

The asking price is $4.50/SF or around $9,000,000…for raw land.  *Call me if you have a Buyer*

Within a 6-mile radius of this site there are 40,000+ rooftops being developed right now; it’s an area of INEVITABLE growth. As you might imagine, this is a complex transaction with considerations for: Utilities (water, wastewater, electricity, natural gas), ingress/egress, impervious coverage, on-site/regional water retention/detention/drainage system, traffic impact analyses/road-cuts, soil types, etc. The future developer(s) will try to maximize the development density on this site by utilizing a detailed engineered site plan and will spend many millions of $$$ to execute this project on what will be one of the largest retail corners in Williamson County in the future. But it’s gonna take millions and millions of $$$ invested to deliver a finished product of a large retail/office/mixed-use project!

Once developed, this listing will generate many $100’s of Millions of $$-Income for the developer/investor!!


**My Hays County listing, by contrast is +/-75 acres of raw commercial ranchland adjacent to the Spring Lake Preserve in San Marcos. This tract is owned by my client, the San Marcos River Foundation and is a part of a larger Land Conservation project that will stretch decades into the future wherein we are purchasing land tracts over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone which are subject to development pressure. We saw an immediate need to protect and preserve large tracts over the recharge zone to a) protect the Edwards Aquifer from degradation and b) to protect the San Marcos River, and so we moved quickly to purchase this tract. It was elemental in preventing a project slated for the development of around 300 single family homes: A typical residential subdivision. No big deal, right?? Except that this subdivision was planned immediately adjacent to the Spring Lake Preserve and over porous limestone with many karst areas (caves, that we call “Recharge Features”) at an elevation just 30’ over the Edwards Aquifer!!

The property has hundreds of large oaks, very cool views, a large rock-walled corral and tons of old rock walls, interesting geology (we have an amazing geology assay/report on this ranch), pastures, and some varied topography; all located directly +/-30’ above the Edwards Aquifer and immediately adjacent to  the Spring Lake Preserve. *note that I’m referencing “Edwards Aquifer” and “Recharge Zone” frequently*

We’re marketing this Ranch, the Geiger Tract, as a Conservation Development opportunity in the $1,250,000 price range. What is a “Conservation Development?” one would reasonably ask…

We’re proposing a very low-density residential subdivision development: Three homesites on the 75 acres, clustered away from the sensitive recharge features (caves) or separately located (away from caves) at sites on the property to be identified in conjunction with SMRF. Our belief is that the future demand for a low-density (remember 1 house-unit per 25 acres!) mega-estate-lot development will have value to any buyer/investor/developer as a “land bank” today. Imagine what a close-in 25 acre residential lot adjacent to the Spring Lake Preserve and surrounded by Protected Green Space will be worth, say 10-15-20 years from now?? Our goal is that this tract is never developed with any density greater than 1 home/25 acres.

Within these two dramatically diverse land deals you might get a sense of the wide-angle of my real estate brokerage business and experience. Stay tuned for a similar piece outlining my Commercial Leasing expertise coming soon!!

I represent Sellers (and Buyers) in Raw Commercial Land Sales across Texas. I also represent Tenants in Commercial Leases of Office, Retail, and Industrial Warehouse properties in Austin, DFW, San Antonio, and Houston.

Please send me your trusted referrals; I happily pay referral fees to licensed agents/brokers.

Scott Nicholson, Broker


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