Adventure, Literature, and Horology

24 Jan

Adventure: In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl drifted across The Pacific Ocean on a reed raft he called Kon Tiki from Peru to the Polynesian Island Chain (East-to-West) over 101 days at sea! Although current theory  is that migration/colonization also happened West-to-East, his voyage was profoundly courageous and a fantastic example of the spirit of Mankind’s exploration. We had the Kon Tiki book in my family library when I was a kid and I read it many dozens of times….it was fascinating to me back then.

Literature: Recently I found and purchased on Amazon a copy of “Kon Tiki: Six men cross the Pacific on a raft”. Rand McNally and Company CH.NY. SF, Publisher. 1950, Fifth printing. It should arrive later this week….by Thursday. I can’t wait!kon-tiki-book-cover_1950

Horology: On his trans-Pacific raft trip on KonTiki, Thor Heyerdahl wore an Eterna  Chronometer watch (in the Baume et Mercier Chronometer lineage) which he used for navigation; a critical tool. I wear an updated version of that watch (mine is a Baume et Mercier Capeland S Chronometer) which incorporates  a modern (in 1969 the Automatic Chronograph mechanical watch was invented) Automatic Chronograph ETA 7751 Swiss Movement and 200m water resistance.

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