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R.I.P. Dutchman’s Landing Marina

27 Jun

Dutchman's Panorama_1_resized

This image is of the Sandy Creek Arm-basin of Lake Travis in Jonestown, TX where Dutchman’s Landing Marina used to float; an active marina full of boats of all shapes & sizes.  A flurry of activity with boats coming and going, a symphony of ropes & riggings pinging masts and spurs on many sailboats…deep water ‘neath.  For $3/person you could fish all night inside the floating office-shed…the floor was a large opening with overhung lights….good fishing and good times.   Sorta unique and indicative of it’s age, Dutchman’s owned the +/-12.4 acres under it and also owned access easement rights waaaaay out into deeper water.  These easements today don’t reach deep or wide enough water to hold the marina.  Today Lake Travis’ water level is 630.09’….50 feet below what we used to call “normal pool elevation”…..the lake rests low low low within it’s streambed these days.


We’re in the midst of an historic drought here in Central Texas and Lake Travis is near historic low levels, affecting businesses all along the lake. Dutchman’s Marina is no longer floating in Jonestown so gone are the days & nights of fishing there I enjoyed back in the day…..kinda sad.  But if you know anything about our region you know our rainfall cycle, when viewed over a long timeframe, is one of drought–flashflood–drought–flashflood—— and Dutchman’s Landing Marina was ironically actually a victim of a large flashflood event and not the drought.


An important fact to keep in mind as you think about how low the lakes are in Central Texas; the levels of the vast underground aquifers beneath us mirror the low low low levels of the lakes. Last week the Edwards Aquifer was dropping about one foot per day. WE NEED RAIN. But just as importantly we need to adopt a vastly different attitude/approach to our water usage here in Central Texas.




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Ode on a Dali

4 Jun


Ode on a Dali

Bound by earthly skin and bone
beneath the blue and starry dome
yearning yet cemented he stands
on desolate lands..

Thankful for a glimpse above
wherein the hawks and doves
soar unfettered free and high
in endless sky..

Yet soaring not, he’s landbound
his bony visage fey and brown
tells but half the strand
of his resolute stand..

Sunburnt with his fervent hope
his gaze e’er upwards floats
gripping tightly his frail base
the Sun cheers his upturned face.