24 May

truchas from trailriders_BOOM




Sometimes silent

sometimes loud

meek, gentle, soft, or violent

powerful and proud

it shakes the trees uproot

or wafts a fragrant scent

butterfly eddies ‘cross oceans troop

bumblebees sent

..on the wind


It stirs the waves

of oceans and of grains

it roars and whispers punishes and plays

carrying laughter and driving rains

nudging pushing never sleeping

eternal and now

the wind rides with time and space

borne with and by and to some other place

furrowing the firmament an invisible plow

…the wind


memories blown with sands of time

airborne and disbursed then out of mind

but not forgotten never gone

these ambassadors of thought and song

along with seeds pollen and spar

all sail four corners spread wide and far the wind




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