OUTER MOUNTAIN LOOP Trip Report: Big Bend National Park

3 Mar

Planning my next 24-Hour Challenge, Truchas Peak, NM 2014…and mustering the motivation to summon the mojo to train train train and train.


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Big Bend National Park:  January 5 & 6, 2013

The story of my unofficial/unsanctioned Age Group World Record: 18:48:08


OK, so I’ve been to Big Bend maybe 25 times, with my friends and with my family; backpacking, car-camping, truck-camping on back-country roads, etc. Way back in the day we’d backpack and hike to some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the park. I even summited El Pico Cerda (aka The Schott Tower) in the Sierra Del Carmen range in Mexico in January 2001. Beginning in 1994 Laura and I, along with Ryan (then 14 y.o.), Austin (joining us in early 1997), and a large, diverse, and amazing group of friends spent Spring Break and/or Thanksgiving every year for about 15 years. Big Bend has been the stage for many of my life’s most memorable moments and is one of the wildest…

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