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How I got to where I am today, where I’m going, and some random thoughts

8 Nov

I am today exactly where I’m supposed to be given the journey I have undertaken thus far. In fact, the very journey I’ve undertaken has been shaped by where I’m going, and is therefore a natural prerequisite to, and a direct result thereof.  All my decisions, being an organic composition of billion-year-old stardust, have been shaped/influenced by the entire universe and so have directed me to where I am today, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  But enough hippie brain-dump.

Running and fitness: As most of you know, as I’ve reminded my audience dozens of times, I am a runner. Or at least I am on a semi regular basis. Over the past month or so I haven’t run as much as I should have but instead, have been training at Sharp End Athletics. Granted, my workouts are not as strenuous or as vigorous as I see in my imagination but I’m moving myself around breathing hard and sweating for 30 to 45 minutes at a time nonetheless. It’s a start, and a foundation upon which I plan to build!

Random ATX ponderings: Lately my family has started playing a silly game in the car as we drive around. When someone sees an out-of-state license plate, they call out the name of the state, and then they get to “punch” the person closest to them. When all three of us are in the car, it gets quite competitive and it’s fun to see who can spot the out-of-state license plates first!  Yesterday as we were driving home we commented that we were seeing many many many more out-of-state license plates lately.Certainly is a sign of the times as ATX grows!!

One last thought for this blog post and then I’m Out for now! It’s no secret that I love the ATX right? Well here’s an article that explains a little bit why!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more regular updates as I’ve discovered this cool dictation software that helps me talk instead of type!


p.s. As always please keep me in mind for all your commercial real estate needs!


Vegan Food Journey: Day 484

6 Nov



Today is Day 484 of My vegan journey.

It was very confusing at first, but now that we’ve been into it awhile it’s getting quite easy and very delicious! The first few weeks were very very confusing as we wondered, “OMG, what can we eat?” Having been raised in a world where meat forms the foundation of every meal and vegetables serve simply as ornaments, a shift to complete veganism can be perplexing.

But then, magically, almost overnight it dawned on us that everything but meat is something we can eat!!

I run faster and farther and recover quicker, I’m leaner, and my medical lab results mirror those of a person 20 years my junior.

Stay tuned for further updates on my vegan journey!

p.s. F. or those of you who are curious, the meal above is spicy tofu with bean sprouts on a bed of fried rice noodles!!