Your hips are weak…Weak.

27 May

Chances are about 98% that, if you’re reading this, you have weak hips and weak hip stabilzer muscles. I don’t care if you lift weights or run, we all sit too damn much!~! And that makes our hips weak…and that’s b.a.d. for us.

Here’s why. We’re just basically a torso (our core) atop our pelvic girdle (our hips) with extremities hooked on (our arms and legs). Since we move around upright and bipedal our legs are much stronger than our arms….Duh. So our hips connect our torso to our legs and provide a base for the top half of our body as our legs carry us around. Our hip stabilizer muscles serve to, well, pretty much support our legs down to our feet, as we move around. Pretty important stuff.

Check out this video for some hip strengthening exercises called “Jane Fondas”. Work them into your daily routine (do 3 sets each side while you watch TV) or into your gym routine.

You’ll thank me.

Thank you Rob Shaul and Mountain Athlete.



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