Running: I’m getting older but I’m not old yet

29 Apr


Scooby (the wonderdog) and I are about the same age for now. I say “for now” because of the anecdotal 7:1 ratio of aging between dogs and humans….you’ve heard the old adage “1 year to a human is 7 dog years” right? Well, Scoobs is +/-7 years old and I’m 51. Close enough for the sake of this pondering….and we share some of the same advangages and limitations of having been runners most of our lives. Mostly good stuff…

This morning Scooby was a little slow to get up and do his daily chore of jumping onto Austin’s bed for a “wake up” call. When he finally did get up he yelped in pain as he jumped up onto Austin’s bed…Oh No…what’s wrong with Scooby?? I checked his legs, hips, and paws, which he permitted without any objections, and found nothing unusual. Maybe he’s just getting older.

BOOM…..then I suddenly remembered a recent morning where I arose from slumber, after having run 7km the day before, and grimace-limped down our stairs…audibly moaning. The same as Scooby had done this morning! Hmmm….I’m just getting older too.

I love to run. I love to run even though it hurts sometimes…sometimes during and sometimes after. As I get older it seems to hurt a bit more during AND after..but I still love to run. I love what it does For me and To me. Running helps keep me cardio-fit and it helps keep my legs strong and it helps maintain my overall fitness: There’s great utility in the act of moving oneself around vigorously. Running, equally importantly, helps keep my brain clear and my psyche bright…it’s cathartic and rewarding for my having spent the effort. Running has been a part of my life, on and off, for many many years and in my most recent running boom I have perhaps learned the largest lessons. Or maybe it’s because I’m getting older.

See, Scooby and I need the same things, as runners, at this phase of our lives: A good diet, lotsa stretching, a temperate pace, the willingness to keep moving forward even when it hurts, and to be surrounded by people who love us.

Check back here as I chronicle my Quest to Run.



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