Wilson Custom Baseball Glove

3 Jul

You see, baseball-FB page smartass guy, baseball is a metaphor for Life, and the tools of the game, mostly disposable (baseballs, bats, uniforms, caps, spikes/cleats, etc, etc..) become primary elements of the metaphor. Mostly short-term elements; in the moment, or season to season. Pretty much like Life: Intrinsic vs extrinsic..

Except for your glove. Gloves are long-term. Gloves take a long time to *break in* and last for many seasons and are intimate and personal; They *fit* to your specific hand shape/strength and most players are very protective of their gloves. A baseball glove is a long-term relationship..extrinsic meets intrinsic.

Baseball gloves share a unique utility-longevity lifespan with things like a seasoned bow, or a well-worn pair of heavy mountaineering boots, or maybe what else?

There aren’t many sports tools like baseball gloves.

SOoo, baseball-FB page smartass guy: I shared the glove pics because they represent a metaphor for a larger story that you don’t know shit about..it’s not the leather, it’s not the glove, it’s the Movement Forward and the Journey. It’s about the merging of extrinsic and intrinsic nature of the Journey of Life.

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Buddhist prayer flags post_2

10 May


Buddhist prayer flags. The colors are significant: Blue is sky, White is wind, Red is fire, Green is water, and Yellow is Earth.

As the wind and the sun and the rain weather these flags the tiny fragments blow away, carrying prayers out into the Multiverse. It’s beautiful and significant. The last prayer flags I had in our yard did an excellent job of sending our prayers out to the Multiverse until the squirrels took them down, and used them to make their nests.

Circle of Life. Fully cool with me!

Let’s see how long before the squirrels repurpose these.

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Gear Porn Today: Camera Porn

8 May
A photo of my current badass pro-level camera and lens…*disclaimer: I have semi-unnatural love for my camera and lens*

Camera Porn. Not full-blown hardcore porn like a Hasselblad or Leica or super-pro level Canon or Nikon but soft porn like a badass pro-level kit.

Camera Porn. Kinda like music gear porn or climbing/Mountaineering gear porn or fishing/cycling/hunting porn. Or home theater porn….you get it by now.

OK, for most of my life I’ve been a musician, photographer, backpacker/outdoorsman, mountaineer, and climber. I completely and intimately understand the need for top shelf gear.

Outside of your own abilities your gear is the most critical component as you work your craft. Top shelf gear can enhance your base level performance and up your game. Top shelf gear can also save your life.

Sony a7 with a Zeiss 1.8/55mm lens. Boom!!! Not saving my life, but certainly enhancing my base level photography performance!

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La Finca Supermercado, Austin TX

3 May


One reason I love living in Austin TX is the wide range of foods available to us; food from all over the World can be found here! Ethnic grocery stores are one of our city’s hidden gems, in my humble opinion…Mexican, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Halal, Mediterranean, Thai, Central American, etc. A stroll through the aisles of any one of the many ethnic grocery stores is almost literally a trip to a foreign culture: New and interesting vegetables, exotic meats, fish, and spices, candies from many countries, soft drinks and juices you’ve never seen before, etc,  etc. I HIGHLY recommend everyone take the opportunity to visit as many of these cool stores as you can!

One very clear feature is the local/regional food that is usually available in small restaurants inside these stores! In La Finca Supermercado (9616 North Lamar) there is a classic taqueria (serving some of the most authentic and delicious tacos in Austin!) and a classic Mexican panaderia or bakery. If I’m in the area around lunchtime I always stop for tacos or quesadillas and a pan dulce washed down by a Topo Chico or Jarritos soda!!

I’ve represented the owner of this grocery store (and 5 others under the La Mexicana Supermercado and La Casa Supermercado brands) for over 15 years and I found this space for them and negotiated their 15 year lease in this space. In it’s prior life this space was a YMCA with multiple basketball courts and an indoor swimming pool!

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Downtown Austin!

23 Apr


This is the view looking sorta East-Northeast across Lady Bird Lake (aka Town Lake), which is actually the Colorado river running through downtown,  from the Pfluger pedestrian footbridge.   Austin has a great trail system downtown that offers runners, walkers, and cyclists choices of loops ranging from three, four, six, or 10 miles on crushed granite trails.


I’ve personally logged several thousand miles on this trail system over the years, the last four just yesterday!  If you check back here to my blog you’ll hear many stories  about the Town Lake/Lady Bird Lake Trail….more accurately called the Butler Hike and Bike Trail.   Many people don’t know that the earliest 10K races in Austin (the Diet Pepsi 10K and early Capital 10K) were run partly on this trail!

If you’ve been in Austin a while, you probably noticed by now that it’s our local custom to give things more than one name, including many of our roads which undoubtedly causes some confusion for newcomers and visitors.

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Post Run Food Magic Today

22 Apr


Hello out there!

If you’re in Austin lately you know how lucky you are; the weather the past few weeks has been off the charts beautiful.  A cool sunny respite from the blazing heat that will soon descend upon us as another summer rolls around.  Today highs are in the 70s… But within 60 days it will be 30 to 35° hotter than that in Central Texas!

Taking advantage of this beautiful weather, my wife and I went downtown Austin this morning and I ran and walked 4 miles along the Lady Bird Lake Trail,  it was beautiful and there were hundreds of people out enjoying the day.  The trail downtown in Austin is truly one of the great urban amenities in the United States of America…

For some post run food magic we went to Casa de Luz and ate their amazing organic vegan food;  truly one of the most delicious and healthy feeling meals I’ve ever eaten…every time we go there.  It’s amazing and clean and fresh and macrobiotic-balanced local organic and vegan…..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Stay tuned for more frequent blog posts.  I know I’ve said that a bunch of times before but this time maybe it’ll stick 😂😂😇.

Between 2005 and 2007 I wrote what Realtor.com said was one of the top three real estate blogs in Texas based on readership.  Tens of thousands of people visited my blog every time I posted!  The funny thing was, I never wrote about real estate; I wrote about running, backpacking, and life around Austin in general and my families travels.

I’m getting the blog back together again!!

I represent tenants commercial leases of retail, office, and industrial spaces in Austin, DFW, and Houston Texas.

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Prospecting opportunities are Everywhere around us!

17 Mar


I drove to The Woodlands and Houston and back today (scouting retail sites for a Super Exciting Badass project…details soon!) and had a very very fun experience driving home.

As I hit 290W off of Toll 99 (Grand Parkway) there was a 2013 BMW M3 Coupe (4.0 liter twin-turbo V8, makes +/-475HP and is a race car you can drive your kids to school in..) in the same group of 15 cars around me. I hate being in traffic so I always “race to space” where I’ll maneuver to get ahead of the cluster. Sometimes that require I exceed the posted speed limit. 😇 The M3 driver apparently had that same driving safety philosophy.

Sooooo, for the next 70 miles the M3 and I zig-zagged through semi-sparse traffic at speeds up to, well, let’s just say kinda high speeds. My car (2014 BMW 335is 3.0 liter N55 in-line 6 sedan with a rare package that includes pimp wheels and a factory engine tweak up to +/-360hp) is factory limited to 147mph (probably 175ish without the computer limiter) and at 120mph a German lady’s voice starts saying “Speed alert…Speed alert” while the M3 is a 200mph car without the factory limiter. In my car 90mph feels like 60mph…for reference sake. The M3 feels like 60mph at 120mph!

I note that the white M3 is wrapped with a juice bar dot com big sticker….hmmmm.

As we cruise into Giddings he pulls into McDonald’s…so I whip a u-turn and follow him into the drive through.
I park and walk over to him as he’s ordering and thank him for the driving fun and ask about his car wrap as I hand him my business card. His wife owns the business and they’re looking to expand into Austin…..BOOM.

Guess who will Represent them in their Commercial Real Estate Lease?


And while he got 20mpg, I got 31mpg…hauling ass.💪🏽⚡️

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